Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been very negligent. And now I will have to catch up, which will be even more time consuming than usual because my memory isn't that great (hence starting this blog) so I will have to retrace a few steps to figure out what has been entertaining me recently. Let's go for the current highlights and I will work my way back:

Music: Mat Kearney has a new album coming out in May. The single is awesome and I'm looking forward to the new record. Listen here.

TV: After watching very little TV for the last eight months or so, I have suddenly become much more engrossed again. Top picks are Lost (still) and Castle and The Unusuals (more on those at a later date.)

Books: I went on a self-imposed fiction fast for Lent, reading only news magazines, specifically Newsweek and Time. Some great articles and a lot of not so happy news. Sometimes you just have to say "ugh." I decided to reenter the world of fiction on Easter Monday with Wuthering Heights, a classic that I had not read. This doesn't really up the good news factor, but I'm almost done and the ending promises to have a glimmer. Next up is a book my uncle wrote about growing up in South Dakota in the 1930s and 1940s, It Takes Cow Chips to Make Dinner. Should be interesting.

Internet: I joined Twitter and am finding it fascinating. I haven't figured out all of the ins and outs yet, but let's just say the entertainment factor is make or break based on who you are following. JM is random and funny, which I find wildly entertaining. I also watched a video of a Charlie Rose interview with The Dave Matthews Band tonight. Charlie Rose is special. It's just him and a guest talking and yet his fascination and adept questioning just draw me in every time. Still, I don't manage to figure out when he is on normally...Finally, I discovered, when looking for info on new albums, that John Mayer is chronicling the writing of his forthcoming album on a newly-revamped sight. I love this kind of insider stuff. Creative people and the creative industries fascinate and entertain me, and I like to get inside their creative sphere...if you feel the same, check it out.

Movies: There has been more than this, but the most recent is Traitor. Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce are great actors and this movie was wonderfully layered and honest. Worth a second watch when I have more time to devote more attention. I also recently watched HSM3 with my roommates--another example of cheesy entertainment at its best. I preferred the first one I think, but this one had its moments too.

Output: I inherited (in a manor of speaking) a guitar. And now I want to learn how to play it. It is a goal for the coming year.

As a last gift, I bring you a link to hilarity that my roommate shared with me.