Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Buffy Yet and more great Lost

I watched an episode of Buffy today that was quite possibly one of the best 44 minutes of television ever. It was worth all 5 1/2 seasons that went before. Normal Again by Diego Gutierrez (yes, I looked that up) was awesome. Buffy drifts between her world and a world where her parents and together and she is...insane. Awesome. The acting was great. Enough said.

Lost season 5 did a little throwback this week. This episode, rather than paranormal time traveling and flipping between the 6 and the rest focused on Locke and led the audience through his most recent travels...ala season 1. I very much enjoyed the twists and the unanswered questions. There were also some major dagger through the heart moments. Gut-wrenching. Great TV.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscars, Lost, Mentalist, and bad reality TV

I watched the Oscars on Sunday. I'm not sure when the last time I watched an entire Awards show was, but it has been awhile. It always helps to know someone who really cares and talks about it so you know what is going on (thanks, Jen!) It also helps to have your roommates watch with you so you can talk about gowns, crazy speeches, and lame cut shots of exes.

My biggest feeling after watching the Oscars: wanting to be a part of an inclusive group like that again...really I was on a lot of teams and in a lot of groups in my younger years...I kinda miss that. Plus, I think working on movies would be incredibly fun hard work.

Becky (one of the aforementioned roommates) wanted me to mention The Mentalist because every time she has that show on it sucks me in...he is just so charismatic and interesting; his interpersonal skills are so unique; and he is so cute. He is also surrounded by amusing side characters. Still, I haven't made the leap into knowing when it is on to keep watching...

I do, however, make a date for Lost each week. (No, not an actually date, but I know when it is on even if I can't watch it then...) This season has been great from my point of view. I'm excited they are back and can't wait to see what crazy things the producers have cooked up...somehow I don't think they are in the same time as the other survivors yet, but I've been wrong before. I was right, however, in my guess that the helicopter pilot, Frank, was the pilot on the Ajira flight--I could not have been more excited, as everyone I talked to about the show in the last week will tell you (since I made sure to point this fact out to them.)

Bad reality TV--yep, I'm still embarrassed, but my roommates and I watched the finale of True Beauty this week (at least its over!) It was painful, but at least the person we thought should win did: she was, in essence, the least vain person in the house. I was mildly shocked when I realized how little intelligence the finalists had. For some reason, I think the average person is brighter than they are--must be because I have so many highly intelligent roommates, friends, and family members. :)


I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I've been slowly watching my way through all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon is a genius and somewhat infuriating, which I think he would enjoy...

I'm about half way through season 6, and I recently watched the musical episode (well, listened is more accurate...) and I need to rewatch it (or so says Jen, who loaned me the DVDs.) It was entertaining and I can't help but marvel at the writer's (ready Joss Whedon's, but I know there are a few others too) ability to do a show like this based on the type of show they have (it easily works into the series because crazy it what the series does.) The singing of many of the cast members was not top notch, but the fact that they were doing it was pretty much amazing. I will revisit the topic after a second viewing.

A couple good and a blah

Let's see...what have I watched recently?

Last weekend I experienced The Good Shepherd. Very intriguing. I might have to watch it again to see if I understood it. Matt Damon did a great job--I could never understand what his covert ops character was thinking when I wasn't supposed to. I also came to the realization that I would make a horrible spy. I can't handle never being able to trust anyone.

The second movie of the weekend Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. I thought I knew what to expect, but it was much better than that. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would watch it again, although I'm pretty sure I won't any time soon. Afterall, there are so many out there...

Last night my roommate and I watched Nights in Rodanthe, which was exactly what I expected. It wasn't surprising and it wasn't enthralling (my roommate found it very slow but it also isn't her type of movie). I didn't get drawn into the story at all this goes in the "not gonna watch it again" pile.


So I do a lot of inputting...movies, music, TV...I love it all. But occasionally I do some outputting. I try to find my creative side. I'm working with a friend on writing more (although not well...) and I've been painting. Here is my most recent creation (although I may add the words, elegantly of course, "Light of life"). I have a follow-up/companion piece in my head, but we shall see...

I'm also considering doing a version of the four seasons...four paintings (squares that could be hung in a square) of the same scene in the four seasons. I'm not sure I could pull it off; but what do you think, should I try?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reality TV

I don't really like reality TV. I've only watched Project Runway and Top Chef on a regular basis. But I can get sucked into just about anything for an hour once in awhile...which is why I spent about 40 minutes tonight watching True Beauty. It is kind of a train wreck--not really all that compelling, completely fake, and painfully entertaining. Of course, watching it with roommates always makes it more entertaining, so if you are gonna give it a try, I recommend watching it with others. Then at least you can scoff together.

finishing up

So, Sunday...

First movie: Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls. I gotta admit I liked it and would even consider watching it again. The "bad guy" of the movie was a little over the top, but the two main characters were interesting and dynamic.

Second movie: Wanted. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I hadn't heard a lot about it, but I enjoyed it. There was enough to figure out and fast enough action to engage the audience. It did start out a little slow, but was worth it in the end. My roommate liked it enough that she has already declared she will be buying it.

Intermission entertainment: a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Season 1. Funny show I always enjoy. It was a little strange to go back to the beginning though...

Third movie (yes, three in one day :) Underworld. I've seen this movie before, so obviously I enjoyed it enough to watch it again. It always makes me wish I could jump out of third-floor window and land perfectly on my feet. Yeah, I see bones breaking instead too...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movies galore

It was a busy weekend on the movie front (thanks to my roommate :)

I started out with The Duchess. Kiera Knightly isn't my favorite actress, but she does to a good job. The movie was well-acted--I liked who I was supposed to and hated who I was supposed to. The layers were there for the characters. The costumes and sets were fabulous. But, the movie was depressing. I got to the end and I was just sad. End result: won't be viewing this one again soon.

Saturday had a return engagement of Down Periscope. This is one of the movies I own. When it came out oh-so-many-years ago, I thought it looked stupid, but my brother got me to watch it, and it is indeed a very funny movie. Purchase-worthy indeed.

Second movie of the double Saturday feature was Blood and Chocolate. I didn't know much about this movie going in--just watch the Blockbuster envelope said. I found it pretty entertaining and wouldn't count out watching it again at some point. Interesting point: the main actor, Hugh Dancy, got engaged to Claire Danes this week.

more weekend movies next post...

Colbert Report

I don't actually get Comedy Central (it's a shame, I know...) so I don't get to watch the Colbert Report. But this video I linked to on a publishing blog this week had me laughing out loud. So I thought I would share: Steve Martin and Colbert duke it out using Danielle Steele and a banjo and guitar. Entertaining stuff.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have always loved TV, but recently I have slowed down, partially due to the distraction of some excellent reading (see previous post) and partially because it hasn't been keeping my interest. Really, the only show I make sure to watch any more is Lost. The only other show I have watched on a regular basis is N3mbers, which has a great dynamic and some crazy math and a slew of interesting side players. My appreciation of this show, along with Big Bang Theory (which I only get to watch when my regular Friday plans fall through), led me to a revelation--I like watching smart people. Someone finally figured out that smart people deserve to be on TV as something other than nerds with highwater pants and big black glasses. I'm very happy about it. Happy viewing.

Stephanie Plum

My Janet Evanovich obsession is nearing its hiatus. I have one and a half of the between the numbers books left and then I have to wait with the rest of the world until she writes another one. That means I read all 14 books in the series plus 3 of the 4 extra ones in about 5 weeks. Yikes! These books are massively entertaining and I'm sure at some point I will re-read them all--maybe multiple times. They have a few minuses to them--beware if you dislike strong language or some sexual content--but the pluses, mostly the colorful characters, are very strong.

Camp Rock!

Remember my love of cheesy movies? Yeah, this is in that delightful category too. You groan at least 5 times, and you can't quite handle some of the line delivers...but I still love it. This wasn't a well-acted movie, but much of the music was catchy (the finale was a little disappointing) and the singers had very nice voices. No repeat viewing necessary.

Weekend Viewing

It is always strange to watch a classic movie--you hear enough about it, but no details. So when I watched Psycho, the Bates motel was kinda familiar, and I knew Norman was crazy (the title kind of clues you in) but I still couldn't quite go with my gut. I thought maybe his mom really was dead, but I kept second guessing myself. I guess that's the brilliance of Hitchcock. No repeat viewing scheduled.

Pride was your typical triumphant sports movie--figure out who you are, bind together to overcome, and challenge the assumptions of others. Decent movie, nothing exceptional. Don't feel the need to ever watch it again.

And finally, as a bonus, I watched Another Cinderella Story. First of all, I love cheesy movies. But they need to have a twist--too predictable and I feel like I wasted my time. So some of the plot details must be different. I was pleasantly surprised that this one moved forward pretty quickly. "Prince Charming" was more together than he often is--it drives me nuts when he runs into the girl 8 times before tying it all together. This movie was pretty much what I expected and managed to pleasantly surprise me. Probably won't be watching it again, but won't shut the door on it.