Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer 09

(I'm going to start off pretending like I have been posting all along, cause catching up is mighty daunting seeing as the reason I haven't been posting is that I've been kinda busy...)

Watched 2 movies this last weekend that I had never seen before, but that I had either read the book or watched another version of the story five years ago or so. And with both, I found that my expectations didn't match what was there, but not in positive or negative way, just a different way...that ever happened to you? What I'm trying to say is The Tale of Despereaux and Gypsy were pretty good movies, but the book (by Kate DiCamillo) and the Bette Midler versions (from what I can remember) were way different.

I also did some painting this weekend. I finished a series that I started awhile ago--I finally got around to adding the black outlines to make them look like stained glass. Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the result. (Having low expectations of myself helps:)

I also started a set for former roommate Becky (who just moved into her first house; congrats!) I'm trying to put together, with my own unique twist, the art she picked out at a store, the colors she wants to use, and the style she likes. I find this always to be an enjoyable stretching exercise for me. They aren't done yet (just the first step) but I promise to show them once they are.

Update to my summer: I've taken trips to Indiana, Colorado, and Wisconsin already, and will soon be headed to Missouri and later in the summer South Dakota. All of these are planned activities: Indiana was to counsel at a youth conference (great kids, great staff, great program.) Colorado was for a mother/daughter weekend with my mom, aunts, cousin, and some mutual friends--it could also be referred to as Colorado arts weekend as we managed to fit in a play, an arts festival, and a Symphony at Red Rocks in the course of three days. Wisconsin was helping with a youth camp--always fun times. And lets just say "The Next Generation" rocked. Updates on the other trips as they come!

I'm also reading a few books: started the Sookie Stackhouse novels (seriously addictive, I had to make my friend hold onto the next two until I have time to read them), reading another Lauren Willig novel, which so far has been a great addition to the series, and am leisurely making my way through UnChristian. It is a little hard to get into because it brings up a lot of statistics and I'm not used to reading this type of nonfiction, but the information so far has been, let's say needed.

Oh, and I started Battlestar Gallactica a few weeks ago, then had to wait for another disc, and haven't had time to continue. So far, so good.

I've been filling in with Newsweek and Time articles as well as Facebook, Twitter, and the ever-expanding email. Lots of reading, lots of entertainment.

Oh, and when I mentioned trips, I forgot to mention my short travels for two weddings in June. Congratulations to Ross and Jacqueline and Tamar and Nathan. And now, I leave you with this cause I found it entertaining enough to clip out last week.