Sunday, August 29, 2010

not recommended

Sometimes I like not knowing. If I pick up a movie I haven't heard of (which doesn't happen all that often), I quickly scan and decide if I'm in the mood for it. This plan, which I usually like because it doesn't give away the movie and keeps me surprised, backfired this weekend. Now I admit picking a movie called The Killer Inside Me should have set off alarm bells. It was well acted (except maybe one person...) but DISTURBING. Watching a few of the special features actually helped me appreciate it a little more since I found out it was based on a 1950s novel; not sure why that made it better, but it did. (Jen, if you read this, Casey would probably love it.)

The other movie, Dare, had some interesting psychological things to say too, but once again, DISTURBING, but in a different way. I'm just a little sick of everyone thinking that every teenager is twisted or has to become twisted or experience twisted to grow up. It reminds me (in the opposite way) of a great Stellar Kart song. (Not sure how this video connects to the song really, but it's funny in a bizarre way.)

Oh, and sometimes being disturbed is okay...but for me, only if the lesson that comes out of it is worth it. In these cases, not so much...

Oh, and I had an "aha" moment today: the main character in any teenage movie never has fun at a kegger. A lesson for us all :) Care to dispute? Let me know what movie and who it was...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Haute stomped nuns FNL

Here's a little sample of what I've been doing and thinking:

--trying a new little restaurant in the Warehouse District, Haute Dish. Great food, classy drinks, nice atmosphere (although a little loud), kinda pricey (but that is the kind of food they have)
--listening to Twins baseball...and after two frustrating and exhilarating games, this one tonight is totally deflating...if you can't define "stomped" in sports terms, check out the stats on this game tomorrow
--nuns...I'm not Catholic, but I caught a fascinating episode of Oprah very early in the morning this last week in which Lisa Ling visited a convent and Oprah talked to a few of the has me thinking a lot about service to God and having I just need to work on the follow through...
--I'm in love with the tv show Friday Night Lights. I love the drama and the characters...that sports drama gets me every time...which led me to think...
--why isn't there a network or cable or HBO show about a minor league team? seriously! I have such an obsession with baseball right now, that I might be skewed, but I see it working either or two ways: 1) coach is the main character and deals with this 20 year old kids trying to make it and having fan girls and arranging housing and dealing with owners and traveling (this option is open to lots of issue episodes) or 2) one or two players take center stage...probably a prodigy and a guy who has had to prove everyone wrong at every step...this option has a stronger opening for teammate relationships and would allow for showing the struggle and excitement of being called up and sent back down...see! I'm right, right?