Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trampling Turtles in Suits...wait...

That'sTrampled By Turtles and Suits. The two entertainment pieces that made this weekend good. And what made it great?...well, that should be who. I spent some time in my old stomping grounds this weekend with new friends and then caught up with old friends. And then came home and caught up with more old friends. Overall, a very uplifting weekend.

Back to the entertainment! I started watching season 2 of Suits online a few months ago. And then I discovered a good friend is watching it too. And she just gave me season 1 for my birthday! I'm really excited to go back and catch up on the lawyerly goodness. It's a great blend of personalities and plot and bravura and learning lessons and growing up. And suits :)

I also had the privilege of seeing my second Trampled By Turtles show in Mankato this weekend at a beautiful 3-year outdoor venue. Perfect weather. Fantastic show. (Seriously, how do they play that fast?) Good friends. Great evening.